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Sheila Mello

Managing Partner at Product Development Consulting, Inc.



• Combines many years of executive and hands-on experience in product development, hardware engineering, software development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, service, and quality with strong analytical and organization skills. I

• Developed methodologies to deliver measurable value to clients. Led dozens of cross-functional teams to institutionalize best-in-class product development and product definition methodologies for faster time to profit and market acceptance.

• What really excites me is to be involved as companies make significant changes in the way they innovate and plan for product development. And then to go back in six months or a year and see the fruits of their efforts, the increases in market acceptance, better connections with their customers — that makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Specialties:• Portfolio management and product definition practices as well as product development process improvements

• Successful bottom line results in diverse industries: Medical Device, High Tech, Industrial, Consumer, Medical Diagnostics, Software, Financial Services

• Voice of the customer passion and focus – Driving innovation with customer value

What Does Customer Value Mean?

What Does Customer Value Mean?


Managing Partner

Product Development Consulting, Inc.

May 1993 – Present (22 years 1 month)Greater Boston Area

Product Development Consulting, Inc. (PDC) helps companies envision and create products and services that provide value to their customers and result in sustainable (and profitable) product portfolios. By turning customer value into a driving force behind all their processes — from strategy, innovation, and portfolio management to product definition and product retirement — they’ll naturally be more successful.

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Vice President

Bolt Beranek & Newman (BBN) Inc.

October 1987 – February 1993 (5 years 5 months)

Led the development of a best-in-class packet switching product line with first installation at Japanese Airlines.

Vice President


1987 – 1993 (6 years)

In the Advanced Computer Subsidiary, managed sustaining engineering, manufacturing, field service, and support. As a member of the executive team, led the effort to successfully build a startup organization within a Fortune 500 company. In the Communications divison, led the cross functional development of a best-in-class packet switch product line.

Director Service and Support

Palladian Software

October 1985 – October 1987 (2 years 1 month)

First Expert Systems Software company developing product management and operations management software with MIT gurus. I implemented all the quality systems and was responsible for installation and support of the software with Fortune 100 companies.

Director Software Manufacturing and Distribution

Wang Laboratories

1983 – 1985 (2 years)

Built a manufacturing and distribution facility and organization. Hired and managed staff of 140 people. Set up clean room manufacturing, assembly, and distribution systems to manage worldwide software duplication and distribution business. Increased production by 2400% while achieving a 99% quality level. Handled 5 million packages annually. $30 million budget

Vice President Customer Operations

Distribution Management Systems

November 1978 – 1983 (5 years)

Directed all custom software development, product installations, service and sales to existing customers. Profit and loss responsibility. Staff of 60 professionals. Assisted in obtaining venture capital. Instituted a service department that accounted for 20% of annual sales. Improved product documentation and training resulting in 60% increase in revenue per person day

Principal Consultant

Arthur D. Little

August 1972 – 1978 (6 years)

Was the creater and manager of MATCON, a manufacturing and material control system for minicomputers that was installed at several manufacturing companies. Winner of the President’s award for MATCON


Hardcopy Book and Ebook: Customer-centric Product Definition – The Key to Great Product Development(Link)

Amazon Book Store

October 2003

Despite the prodigious research and money devoted to new product development, nearly nine in ten new products fail to solve a perceived need–and are gone within their first two years. This unique book introduces and explains Market-Driven Product Definition (MDPD), a proven methodology for identifying and understanding customer-value-based needs, then turning them into products that consistently…more

Value Innovation Portfolio Management(Link)

J. Ross Publishing

September 1, 2006

The quest for successful products – along with a simple, effective, and predictable way to determine in advance which ones will be successful – is a major concern for nearly every company out there. Most firms use traditional financial projections to select the best products, and many are often frustrated by under-achievement, lower than expected profits, and sometimes outright failure. “Value…more

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